Beach Bum Down Under evolved from a thought on one lazy Sunday afternoon. I was relaxing at home reading a book – loving living on Magnetic Island in tropical North Queensland, but wishing I was laying on the beach instead of on my bed with the aches and pains of my back. I wondered to myself, “What if I had a bean bag to relax on at the beach?” –  Hmmmmm!

Beach Bum Down Under was born that day when I quickly discovered (after lots of research), that there are bean bags and there are bean bags! With the beach foremost in my mind, I set about designing a bag to suit the outdoors and my beach environment.

I remembered as a child back in the ’60s enjoying the sculpting comfort of a bean bag and today bean bags still provide a cosiness in every home. There are all shapes and sizes for indoors and outdoors, for the pool, for the dog, for the baby or child, for mums and dads, for grannies and granddads and now one size fits everyone’s needs.

Bean bags are therapeutic, relaxing, comfortable and, most of all, fun for all!

I hope you enjoy relaxing in my specially designed bean bags.

Linda McCormick

Catch ya in a bean bag!